StrategicEMC develops communications and business strategies for realizing opportunities, resolving conflicts and strengthening reputations in emerging markets. We work with CEOs, general counsels, key corporate shareholders and other senior leadership of private and public institutions.

IntegratedOur programs integrate tactics of media management, government affairs, investor relations and crisis management to deliver solutions specific to given conditions. We acknowledge equally the power of crafted private communications with elite influencers and public communications with broad audiences.

InternationalistEMC undertakes commercial and government assignments in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We maintain a deep specialization in Russia, Central Asia and other countries of the former Soviet Union.  Our client work has put us at the forefront of the economic transformations spurring development in rising new markets.

ExperiencedOur business concept was formed in the 1980s and evolved through the founder’s involvement in large pioneering enterprises into an independent consultancy in 2000. We operate separately or in collaboration with global professional services firms, particularly leading international law firms. EMC principals previously held leadership positions in global communications companies and international law firms.


EMC positioned American clean tech companies to obtain a total of $600 million in loans and grants from the U.S. federal government to mount manufacturing capacity in the U.S. and helped guide the companies to seize game-changing commercial opportunities in emerging markets.

Our principals designed and executed several national public information campaigns in post-socialist and developing countries to support interventions by multilateral financial institutions and bilateral donors promoting privatization, capital markets development, land reform and rule of law.

In London and Moscow we have provided crucial public communications strategies to support litigation and arbitration proceedings, winning favorable decisions for corporations and prominent individuals in high-stakes, politically charged situations.

In collaboration with leading international law firms, we developed and implemented multi-disciplinary strategies to avert or overcome forcible and illegal corporate takeover attempts in industries including telecommunications, metals and forest products in Russia.

Our team devised and prosecuted a media and government affairs strategy to repel a concerted attack on the reputation of a pre-eminent African business and civic leader embroiled in a conflict with a global political institution.

For a Chinese state company we obtained first-hand, on-the-ground petroleum industry intelligence on an obscure Russian region that made a critical difference in executing a highly innovative and ground-breaking investment transaction.

Our analytical, corporate intelligence and investigative efforts provided decisive input in the resolution of an external political challenge posed to a ruling figure in the Middle East.