For Legal Partners

CollaborationEMC cooperates with international attorneys to provide well-rounded strategies for navigating obstacles in problematic business environments. We partner with law firms on matters including international litigation, joint venture transactions, cross-border financings, public-private partnerships, market-entry strategies and commercial dispute resolution. We also team with law firms in drafting commercial legislation and national codes of corporate governance, as well as in advising governments on market economic reforms.

ValueOur deep knowledge of and respect for the practice of law enables us to adopt our legal partners’ perspective and work in easy unison.  EMC reinforces legal strategies with communications and business advisory measures to address problems arising from the absence of the rule of law in some emerging markets.  Our cooperation expands and enriches law firms’ service offerings while differentiating them from more scholastic practitioners.

HeritageThe business concept upon which EMC is based was conceived within a leading Washington, D.C. international law firm as a non-legal consulting adjunct in the late 1980s. The impetus was the need for ancillary support of early business and public institution interventions in post-socialist and other emerging markets still developing legal structures.